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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 689 Virgin’s Blood secret history
A few momemts afterwards, he retrieved the water from your cauldron and poured it in a gla.s.s bottles.
Emperor Lian nodded by using a resolute expression on his facial area. Regardless that he could already visualize what Su Yang might try to his spouse, it was actually essential for her recovery, and then he is willing to withstand anything to see her healthy and balanced yet again.
“Is the fact that genuine?” Emperor Lian required her for confirmation, not daring to consider his ear.
A few minutes after, he retrieved the solution coming from the cauldron and applyed it in to a gla.s.s bottles.
Su Yang then handled your bed and looked over the dehydrated-up number that may be Feng Xindou and believed to her in a small voice, “I understand it is possible to notice me because you are awaken. My label is Su Yang, and I am going to support overcome your trouble which is due to your distinct body which makes far more Yin Qi than one would normally create.”
“…” Lian Li immediately became speechless. Why must anyone keep bringing that up?
“I realize why she would say these kinds of thoughts but you…? Why is you rely on him a whole lot? Didn’t you might try to poison him not long before?” Emperor Lian requested her with his eye vast with amaze.
Su Yang waved his sleeves, delivering the blood vessels-tarnished Yin Qi to your stop in the room.
“In addition, i have confidence in him,” Lian Li suddenly stated, shocking anyone there.
“I will leave you in this way for just a few many hours. Just forget about almost everything and appreciate it for the time being.”
Su Yang nodded and explained, “I will immediately get started the treatment. Don’t worry us regardless of the for the upcoming 72 hours.”
A few just a few seconds just after Feng Xindou was immersed inside the see through reddish fluid, her body started trembling a bit, and Yin Qi started out leaky from between her thighs and legs.
“Your Majesty, you think he’ll really manage to mend Her Majesty?” The Divine Soul Kingdom Cultivators inquired him in a dubious sound.
“Of course, since I witnessed him practice it with Sect Expert Zhu and lots of other sect elders.” Lian Li nodded.
Nevertheless, Lord Xie merely shrugged his the shoulders, since he had no reply to for this type of issue.
Some moments right after Feng Xindou was immersed within the transparent reddish liquid, her human body began trembling a bit, and Yin Qi started out seeping from between her legs.
Su Yang then came back to your cauldron, and this man set about concocting a few more issues whilst Feng Xindou was washing inside the Virgin’s Blood stream.
At the same time, in the home, Su Yang laid the constituents on the surface prior to he retrieved a regular cauldron and tossed several of the elements in.
The Soul Divination Product has bothered them for as long as he could try to remember. To think Su Yang would concoct a dietary supplement that n.o.entire body else could soon after numerous several years.
Su Yang then applyed the total jar of Euphoric Oil onto her system, just before preparing another bottles of Virgin’s Blood flow.
Su Yang waved his sleeves, posting the blood-tarnished Yin Qi to your ending of the room.
Even so, Lord Xie merely shrugged his back, when he possessed no response for this sort of problem.
A few moments soon after Feng Xindou was submerged during the clear reddish colored fluid, her body commenced trembling a bit, and Yin Qi started off leaky from between her hip and legs.
Su Yang then given back for the cauldron, in which he began concocting some more items whilst Feng Xindou was baths inside the Virgin’s Blood flow.
“Certainly, since I seen him practice it with Sect Grasp Zhu and quite a few other sect senior citizens.” Lian Li nodded.
Several hours later, Su Yang came back to Feng Xindou’s area, where there was actually a big puddle of reddish Yin Qi encompassing her entire body. On the other hand, there are several improvements to Feng Xindou’s physique, as her pores and skin will no longer appeared as dry-up as well before, even shopping a small amount smooth.
“This is called Euphoric Oil, and it’ll boost the results the Virgin’s Blood vessels. Since the body is way better, you can increase the procedure a little.”
“You…” Individuals there looked over her by using a dazed appearance.
Just after saying such ideas, Su Yang tilted the gla.s.s bottle and applyed the Virgin’s Blood flow onto her system.
Only three many hours have pa.s.sed since Emperor Lian ordered his visitors to assemble the components shown by Su Yang, and also the Perfect Spirit Realm Cultivators already have given back on their section with each and every element listed.

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