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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

NovelReincarnation Of The Strongest Sword GodReincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
Chapter 2919 – SS1 – Gentle Snow (1) breathe lace
March sixth, 2129.
Realms In The Firmament
Section 2919 SS1 – Soft Snowfall (1)
“Ouroboros is a real frustrating Guild. Should you check out other Guild, you would’ve long since end up being the Guild Expert there along with your merits,” Zhao Yueru claimed, sighing. She then suggested, “Now that you’re performed with perform, I option you’re hungry, proper? Let us visit that new eatery. I heard that this restaurant put in several new foods to its navigation yesterday, and they appear to be quite popular. I have been carrying back myself personally because of you.”
March 6th, 2129.

Purgatory Chasm: A Mystery
Inside of a vibrant and clean bed room on the top floorboards of Ouroboros’s primary headquarters…
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During the battle between four initial-fee Guilds and over 20 next-speed Guilds, the earliest-amount Guild Ouroboros surfaced when the victor and have become Dragon Demon War’s Empire Overlord. With this particular triumph serving as its basic, Ouroboros could have a ma.s.sive advantages because of its long term endeavors inside the sport.
Within the shiny and neat master bedroom located on the top floors of Ouroboros’s key headquarters…
In the interest of taking control over the Guild her elder buddy left out, Delicate Snow needed to attain benefits that could encourage everybody in the Guild of her abilities. In fact, the Bright white Clan Party wasn’t the sole seller of Ouroboros. There have been still several other companies support Ouroboros’s improvement.
“But didn’t you win from the finalized challenge this time around? These Fantastic Senior citizens needs to have nothing to say next, ideal?”
Soothing Snowfall couldn’t assistance but truly feel just a little irritated over her buddy. Even with Zhao Yueru owning an exceptional natural talent for virtual reality activities, she demonstrated no selected desire for them in any way. Zhao Yueru also didn’t like functioning. If she hadn’t forcibly dragged Zhao Yueru that will help her in Ouroboros, her friend would most probably keep jobless even up to now and could be berated continuously by Uncle Zhao as being unproductive.
“Are you gonna give up on things in Dragon Demon Battle?” Zhao Yueru required in shock.
In the interest of taking control over the Guild her elder brother left out, Gentle Snow needed to attain advantages that might tell everybody in the Guild of her skills. After all, the Bright Clan Party wasn’t the only user of Ouroboros. There were clearly still a number of other providers backing Ouroboros’s growth.
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“Delicacies?” A grin appeared on Gentle Snow’s face when she heard Zhao Yueru’s words and phrases. “I recently heard that your particular new electronic reality game will certainly start quickly. Despite the fact that I don’t know which company is building this video game, I noticed that it possesses a highly effective beginning. On top of that, the game’s realism fee extends to up to 99%, along with the video game entire world senses much like real life. You may be able to preference many dishes there.”
On the other hand, these businesses definitely wouldn’t give Ouroboros to Soft Snowfall for the reason that she was younger sister of Ouroboros’s author. This became since Ouroboros was now a prominent very first-price Guild, and plenty of passions were affiliated with the Guild. Precisely the sponsors.h.i.+ps and marketing service fees Ouroboros obtained annually amounted to a few billion Credits. As well as, the Guild still gotten several other advantages from the video games it got piece in.
Zhao Yueru, who wore a red miniskirt and possessed a s.e.xy and curvaceous number, observed as Soft Snow climbed from her online games cabin. She then grumbled a grievance, “Qingxue, aren’t you doing work a little too tricky? You’ve fought nonstop for upwards of one week on this warfare, still you will still opt to continue doing the job rather then unwinding. I ended up being being required to visit that new cafe on my own.”
In the interest of consuming control over the Guild her elder brother put aside, Soothing Snowfall was required to carry out advantages that can influence everybody in the Guild of her abilities. In fact, the Whitened Clan Class wasn’t the sole proprietor of Ouroboros. There was still a number of other firms backing Ouroboros’s advancement.
“Dragon Demon Conflict is just scored throughout the very best 30 of exclusive reality games. Whilst it is very well-known, it happens to be various leagues underneath the top notch 10 computer games. Additionally, this new sport called G.o.d’s Domain is one challenge including the different Ultra Guilds have establish their places on. This is an excellent potential for me.” In an earnest overall tone, Soft Snow claimed, “So extended because i can attain fantastic value in G.o.d’s Website, I really believe nothing of those Lavish Elders needs to have any longer opinions of me!”
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“It must be accurate.” Viewing Zhao Yueru’s quick awareness, Delicate Snowfall smiled and explained, “Although I don’t know the specific particulars, I been told that many Excellent Guilds intend to s.h.i.+feet their aim to the new sport. Ouroboros is no different at the same time. So, I believe this game shouldn’t be poor.”
Soft Snow had linked Ouroboros for only a couple of years. However, together beautiful and perfect entire body joined with her divine visual appearance, she acquired lengthy since developed into a residing advertis.e.m.e.nt for Ouroboros. In reality, any company wanting to invitation her to do an advert will have to routine a scheduled appointment for a couple of decades later…
“These advantages continue to be inadequate,” Gentle Snow reported, trembling her top of your head. “Recently, not simply have Cao Chenghua generate a lot of money from two virtual simple fact activities, but he has even obtained the complete assist of a big organization. Basically If I depend only in my achievements in Dragon Demon War, I would personally be fortunate when i can match up him. If I want to have people Grand Senior citizens stand on my side, I will still should do much more.”
“But didn’t you gain inside the final battle this time around? The Fantastic Seniors will need to have nothing to say following this, ideal?”
“These benefits are still not sufficient,” Soothing Snowfall stated, trembling her travel. “Recently, but not only have Cao Chenghua come up with a lot of money from two online reality activities, but he has even attained the complete assistance of a large firm. Generally If I depend only on my small accomplishments in Dragon Demon Conflict, I would be fortunate when i can go with him. If I wish to have individuals Fantastic Seniors stand on my section, I am going to still should do a lot more.”
“Are you going to abandon issues in Dragon Demon War?” Zhao Yueru asked in big surprise.
At nine o’clock at night, Soft Snowfall wear a pair of white jammies and set down in her own online game playing cabin. She then decided to sign into G.o.d’s Sector.
“Yueru, you know and I do about the existing situation in Ouroboros. While I have already made a reputation for personally, I had only signed up with the Guild recently, of course. I won’t be capable of win the Lavish Elders’ service without sufficient worth.”
Nonetheless, it was subsequently a unique storyline for G.o.d’s Domain. Everybody might have a fresh start in the game. This could be the perfect phase for her to display her present ability.
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In the meantime, these firms definitely wouldn’t give Ouroboros to Delicate Snowfall due to the fact she was younger sister of Ouroboros’s designer. This has been mainly because Ouroboros was now a famous primary-speed Guild, and a lot of passions have been associated with the Guild. Exactly the sponsors.h.i.+ps and marketing expenses Ouroboros gained annually amounted to a couple of billion Credits. Not to mention, the Guild still obtained various other advantages from the activities it had taken portion in.
For this reason victory, during a hundred thousand Ouroboros individuals possessed harvested from the capital and had been currently commemorating. In the mean time, top this glory bash was the one and only the person referred to as the Snowfall G.o.ddess, Soothing Snowfall.
“But didn’t you acquire on the last challenge this point? Those Lavish Elders will need to have absolutely nothing to say after this, perfect?”

“In that scenario, I’ve made the decision! I’ll properly improve personally and clean up Cao Chenghua’s henchmen!” Zhao Yueru explained eagerly. “Once I do that, I’ll see if that old man of mine still dares to phone me pointless!”
“Hah…” Taking a look at Zhao Yueru’s shining view, Soft Snowfall sighed helplessly. “If you could primary fifty percent your pa.s.sion for foods toward digital truth computer games, you would’ve prolonged since turn out to be one of several Guild’s very best-standing pros rather then becoming stuck as just a normal core member at this time.”
“Yueru, you already know along with We do regarding the existing circumstance in Ouroboros. Despite the fact that I have already created a good name for my own self, I had only became a member of the Guild recently, naturally. I won’t be capable to earn the Huge Elders’ support without enough merit.”

“Dragon Demon Warfare is just scored inside the top 30 of exclusive simple fact activities. Though it is pretty common, it truly is many leagues below the top notch 10 game titles. Also, this new activity known as G.o.d’s Sector is something perhaps the many Awesome Guilds have set up their views on. This is a great chance of me.” In an earnest tone, Soft Snow said, “So long since i can attain outstanding value in G.o.d’s Website, I think nothing of people Great Seniors ought to have any more ideas of me!”
“Delicacies?” A grin shown up on Gentle Snow’s facial area when she listened to Zhao Yueru’s phrases. “I recently read that any new internet real life sport will almost certainly kick off rapidly. Although I don’t know which company is producing this video game, I noticed that it possesses a great powerful source. On top of that, the game’s realism rate actually gets to close to 99Percent, plus the online game world thinks almost like real life. You must be able to style a great deal of dishes there.”
“These advantages are nevertheless not enough,” Soothing Snowfall said, shaking her mind. “Recently, not alone have Cao Chenghua create a fortune from two online simple fact computer games, but they have even gathered the full support of a big provider. Basically If I be dependent only on my own achievements in Dragon Demon Battle, I would personally be lucky basically if i can suit him. If I would like to have these Lavish Elders stand on my part, I am going to still have to do a lot more.”
“Delicacies?” A grin came out on Gentle Snow’s confront when she noticed Zhao Yueru’s ideas. “I recently observed that the new electronic simple fact video game is likely to kick off shortly. Even though I don’t know which clients are building this game, I listened to that it has a effective beginning. In addition, the game’s realism rate extends to approximately 99Per cent, plus the game environment thinks much like real life. You can personal taste a lot of dishes there.”
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Zhao Yueru couldn’t aid but really feel distressed at finding Delicate Snow operating so anxiously. All things considered, Delicate Snowfall was her good friend. Having said that, it was also due to the fact she was Mild Snow’s good friend she understood Soothing Snow’s difficulties and why Soothing Snowfall couldn’t survive freely like herself.

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